10 July 2023

There are 3 main purposes of coolant for CNC metallworking:

  1. Cooling
    Cooling leads to a decrease in temperature in the cutting zone, which in turn contributes to a better surface quality (no burning, etc.) and increased tool life
  2. Lubrication
    Lubrication reduces friction between the workpiece and the cutting tool, which allows for a higher cutting speeds and has a positive effect on the roughness of the treated surface
  3. Rinsing
    The removal of chips from the cutting zone and from the working area of the CNC machine allows you to avoid defects (scuffing), and also has a technological function, for example, during drilling operations, when processing deep pockets on mills or during boring operations on lathes, etc.

Secondary (but no less important) coolant functions include:

  • Corrosion protection of the part and the machine
  • Neutrality to sealing materials
  • Foam control
  • No harm to the health of personnel
  • Preventing the formation of bacteria in the emulsion
  • Resistance to miscibility with tramp oils and greases

For all the seeming secondary, coolant is a full-fledged and very important element of the technological chain of parts production on CNC metalworking machines, which directly affects the productivity of the equipment and stend by time, incl. equipment downtime .

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