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Straight (radial) driven tool for Okuma (BMT60), ER32, RATIO 1:1

On order

This straight live toolholder for radial machining, fits to Okuma CNC lathes equipped with C/Y axis and BMT 60 turret. It allows milling, drilling and threading without additional setup on a milling machine. ER32 collet chuck holds up wide range of cutting tools.

Gear ratio 1:1
Coolant line External
ER standard 32
Compatible lathe types GENOS L 300 MW+MYW (RADIAL) - LB 2000/2500/3000EX (M/MW) / LU3000EX M/MY - MULTUS U 3000/4000
Turret type BMT60
Orient Axial
Torque 63 Nm
RPM 6000