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Universal metalworking semi-synthetic coolant EASYCUT UNI301, IBC tote (270 GAL / 1022 L)

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Metalworking coolant EASYCUT UNI301

Water miscible semi-sentetic fluid concentrate. Due to its special design UNI301 can be used for machining of alloyed and plain carbon steel, cast iron, titanium, most of the aluminum alloys, copper and its alloys – with limitations. UNI301 is one of the most universal products available on the market.

Composition features

  • Does not contain boric acid
  • Does not contain formaldehyde
  • Contains secondary amines (DACHA)

Product properties / advantages

  • Stable mixing of the emulsion with water hardness from 5 ° dH to 30 ° dH; During operation (accumulation of salts), an increase in water hardness up to 60 ° dH is allowed
  • High corrosion protection characteristics
  • Good washability (clean equipment)
  • Low foaming when using water of recommended hardness
  • A product with a high* pH = with increased stability

Technical data

  • Kinematic viscosity of the concentrate at 20°C, mm2/s — 120
  • ≈Mineral oil content, % — 30
  • pH of fresh emulsion 5% — 10.1
  • Corrosion protection DIN 51360/2 — 4% – corrosion degree 0
  • Refractometer factor, %/°Brix — 1.3

Recommendations / Features

  • To prepare a high-quality finely dispersed emulsion, it is recommended to use the automatic mixer device
  • For manual preparation, it is recommended to slowly add the concentrate to the water (not water to the concentrate), mixing evenly
  • The recommended concentration depends on the cutting operations and the material being processed: Turning and milling operations: 6-10% | Grinding: 4-6%
  • The concentration of the working emulsion is measured by a manual or electronic refractometer. To do this, the read value is multiplied by the refractometer factor
  • EASYCUT UNI301 coolant can be used for processing most aluminum alloys, and limited of copper alloys. However, the tendency of such alloys to form spots (darkening) should be checked in advance.

*The increased pH in the fresh emulsion may cause a temporary strong odor and temporary darkening on aluminum alloys in the first 1-3 days of operation. Afterwords the pH should drops to normal values of 9-9.5

Shelf life / storage conditions

Stable for 12 months when stored at a temperature of 5 °C to 40 °C in unopened containers

Designed in Germany!


  • Minor variations in color and appearance are possible due to the raw materials chosen. However, these have no influences on the functionality of the product.
  • All information on safe and proper handling can be found on the MSDS.
  • For further product information please contact our sales rep or technical support.